Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Macbook Pro 2010

We have known for sometime that the new Apple MacBook Pro was coming, and we recently reported that the Apple Store went down. We can now tell you that it is now official and we have an upgrade to the MacBook Pro line. 2010 is the year of Apple, and this latest launch proves just that.
Apple has had increase the specifications for the new Macbook Pro 2010.
Anyway, here’s the specifications :

The two 13-inch MacBook Pro’s now come with the Intel Core 2 Duo, while the 15-inch comes with the Intel Core i5 and the 17-inch models will use the Intel Core i7. These are just some of the news features; visit our site soon for a more detailed look.
It will be great for gaming, internet, mail or anything else.
Apple always give great innovation for the technology, another innovation is iPad.

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