Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sex Assault, Steven Seagal hit US$ 1 Million by model!

A 23-year-old former model claims she interviewed with Seagal last February for the position of executive assistant. Kayden Nguyen says she got the job, but when she showed up for work, she learned, “Mr. Seagal had been keeping two young female Russian ‘Attendants’ on staff who were available for his sexual needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”
she is suing for for sexual harassment, illegal trafficking of females for sex, failure to prevent sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination and false representation about employment and wants more than a million dollars.

In the lawsuit, Nguyen claims Seagal pushed his hands under her skirt, tried fondling her breasts and forced his hand down her pants.
Nguyen is seeking damages in excess of $1-million (U.S.).

Seagal’s attorney has called the lawsuit a “complete fabrication.” The allegations have not been proven in court.

UPDATE: Seagal’s lawyer, Marty Singer, responded to the lawsuit this way: “The lawsuit filed by Kayden Nguyen against Steven Seagal is a ridiculous and absurd claim by a disgruntled ex-employee who was fired for using illegal narcotics.” Singer says the suit is a “complete fabrication without a scintilla of truth” and he’s confident it will be dismissed.
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New Macbook Pro 2010

We have known for sometime that the new Apple MacBook Pro was coming, and we recently reported that the Apple Store went down. We can now tell you that it is now official and we have an upgrade to the MacBook Pro line. 2010 is the year of Apple, and this latest launch proves just that.
Apple has had increase the specifications for the new Macbook Pro 2010.
Anyway, here’s the specifications :

The two 13-inch MacBook Pro’s now come with the Intel Core 2 Duo, while the 15-inch comes with the Intel Core i5 and the 17-inch models will use the Intel Core i7. These are just some of the news features; visit our site soon for a more detailed look.
It will be great for gaming, internet, mail or anything else.
Apple always give great innovation for the technology, another innovation is iPad.
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Watch Paris Roubaix 2010 live stream HERE!

Cancellara, who won endure week’s Tour of Flanders afterwards bottomward Tom Boonen on the penultimate climb, already again, angry to his ablaze time-trialling abilities as the apple best destroyed an absorbing acreage that were artlessly clumsy to claiming the 29 year-old.
Fabian Cancellara has won the 108th edition of Paris-Roubaix after the Swiss added yet another Monument of cycling to his impressive palmar├Ęs.
Wanna watch the realtime Paris Roubaix?

So you wake up early tomorrow morning, make your favourite coffee, and want to get your fix of Spring Classic Cycling. Well now you can watch the Queen of the Classics, the Hell of the North, Paris Roubaix streaming live on your computer, for free.
You can watch it by clicking the link below :
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Dixie Carter Death : How can it be?

How did Dixie Carter die and what was the cause of death? As written earler today, Dixie Carter died Saturday at the Age of 70 in Los Angeles. Known for her Southern Charm, she could be seen in the last few years of the hit 80’s sitcom.
Everyone of her fans, are quite grieved at this very moment and are asking up the question from others as to how did Dixie Carter die? As far as the answer to the query of how did Dixie Carter die is concerned, well, we do not have any reports on that so far nor does anyone else because according to her husband it’s strictly a private affair and people should respect their privacy. Not even the Doctors have released any of the word on how did Dixie Carter die.
And can we reveal this? Some of fans stating that she was die because of cancer, or maybe an accident, or natural cause?

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Saturday, April 10, 2010


UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva earned himself a lot of detractors at UFC 112 on Saturday night in an unfortunate performance against Demian Maia that invoked images of last April’s bout with Thales Leites.

Silva came away with his eleventh straight victory in the Octagon, including his seventh Title defense, but it was anything but an impressive performance.

Another update of UFC 112 Results :

Jon Madsen def. Mostapha Al Turk via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Paul Kelly def. Matt Veach via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 2, 3:41.
DaMarques Johnson def. Brad Blackburn via TKO (strikes) – Round 3, 2:08
Rick Story def. Nick Osipczak via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Phil Davis def. Alexander Gustafsson via submission (anaconda choke) – Round 1, 4:55
Mark Munoz def. Kendall Grove via TKO (strikes) – Round 2, 2:50
Rafael Dos Anjos def. Terry Etim via submission (armbar) – Round 2, 4:40
Matt Hughes def. Renzo Gracie via TKO (strikes) Round 3, 4:40


Plane wreckages scattered in the woods, with some still smoking. Dozens of white birch trees were half severed off. In the forest that the plane carrying Polish President and other Poland’s key civilian and military leaders crashed, rescuers and investigators were busy with working. Outside the cordon line, people were laying flowers on the grassland, to mourn for the victims of the tragedy.

The 26-year-old Tupolev Tu-154, enroute from Warsaw to Smolensk of Russia, crashed Saturday morning in thick fog with the president Lech Kaczynski, his wife, the army chief of staff, Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Kremer and the central bank governor aboard.

You can see the latest photo of the plane below :



Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski, his wife and several high-ranking officials were killed Saturday when the plane they were traveling on crashed in foggy conditions while landing at a Russian airport.
Thousands of people, many in tears, placed candles and flowers at the presidential palace in central Warsaw. Many called the crash Poland’s worst disaster since World War II.
The crash also shocked Russia. Sensing the depth of the tragedy for Poland, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin personally took charge of the investigation and very quickly and publicly offered condolences, along with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

USA President’s Barack Obama also give their attention.
“Today, there are heavy hearts across America,” Obama said in the statement. “The United States cherishes its deep and abiding bonds with the people of Poland. Those bonds are represented in the strength of our alliance, the friendships among our people, and the extraordinary contributions of Polish-Americans who have helped to shape our nation.”

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Masters Tournament 2010 : Latest Scoreboards

The 2010 Master TV Coverage of Round 1 ended Thursday 4/8. A quick glance at the Masters Golf Tournament 2010 leaderboard will show Tiger Woods Masters 2010 scoreboard position. Tiger currently is in a tie for 7th place along with Watney, Poulter, Bames and Kim. Each of them shot 68 for their totals in Round 1. Sitting at the top position is pro golfer Fred Couples who shot a 66 in the opening round. He’s trailed by five guys in second place: KJ Choi, Tom Watson, Lee Westwood, Phil Mickelson and Y.E. Yang who each are at a total of 67.

However, this Masters Golf Tournament 2010 is going to be tough for all the participants because the best players of the decades are going to meet in this tournament. Tiger’s ancestors Bernhard Langer had a great start. The 52-year-old German fellow was one of the champs of masters, won Master’s in 1985 and 1993. Other 60 years old competitor Tom Watson, is 2-under through four holes. This is also going to be tough for Woods.

Keep watch for The Masters Tournament scoreboard update !
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West Virginia Miners : Could Rescue Chambers save them?

Monday’s explosion at a West Virginia coal mine is becoming a possible test case for the benefit of rescue chambers, which federal legislators mandated all mine operators have installed four years ago to save lives underground in case disaster strikes.
Rescue workers at the Upper Big Branch South Mine in Whitesville have been trying all week to reach two such chambers with hopes of saving four missing miners.

An explosion Monday afternoon killed 25 miners and hospitalized two others, in what is considered the worst mining disaster in 25 years.
The high cost of energy in America was paid in human lives this week, with the deaths of more than two dozen miners in a massive explosion at the Upper Big Branch coal mine in West Virginia. It’s the worst mine disaster in a quarter of a century.
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Casey Anthony Jailhouse Letters Latest News

Documents released by prosecutors in the Casey Anthony murder case Tuesday include jailhouse letters between Anthony and fellow inmates, as well as shocking transcripts of law enforcement interviews with inmates who say Anthony admitted to them that she sometimes drugged her daughter Caylee.
There are reports that there may be as many as 50 Casey Anthony jail letters may have been written. Maya Derkovic and Robyn Adams, two of Anthony’s friends in jail, have reportedly been questioned about the Casey Anthony jail letters. Adams may have received the majority of the Casey Anthony letters.

The Letter said that is trickling out isn’t pretty. Anthony allegedly admits that she used drugs to knock her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony out while she hung out with friends. Investigators suspect that chloroform may have been a factor in the death of Caylee Anthony.

She also expresses sadness over the death of Caylee Anthony.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Caylee and wish that I could have protected her better,” wrote Anthony.

Casey Anthony also writes about how she was abused by her brother when they were young.

She writes: “The worst part is, when I tried to confide in someone before… they turned on me. I was to blame for my own brother walking into my room at night and feeling my breasts while I slept.”

Anthony has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and has said a babysitter kidnapped her daughter. The toddler’s remains were found in December 2008, six months after she was reported missing.

Watch our updates and latest news about Casey Anthony jailhouse letters
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How to Win The 34th Marine Corps Marathon

How to Win The 34th Marine Corps Marathon?

The MCM is limited to 30,000 participants and is expected to fill up quickly. The $90 registration fee includes bib with B-Tag timing device for ten split locations, live results, free text messages, medical tracking, individual finisher webpages, online finisher certificate, e-newsletters, black mock neck participant shirt, goodie bag, race program, complimentary shuttle services, free race day parking and on-course/post-race hospitality.
It's a little bit different with New York City Marathon

Reports say that the Marine Corps Marathon course will be a little different as compared the 2009 course, and it will run through Arlington, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

According to the organizers, the 2010 MCM will be held on Sunday, October 31 in Arlington, VA. The organizers also say that every participating runner must be 14 years of age or older on October 31st, 2010.

It’s some tips for you to win that events :

1. Hard practice

2. Always train your running skill

3. Run everyday

4. Read this website, because we will give you another tips to win Marine Corps Marathon!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crime Scene Photos of Sonja Larson

Sonja Larson Crime Scene Photos Sonja Larson Gainesville Ripper Crime Scene Photos Gainesville Ripper Crime Scene Photos danny Harold Rollings Gainesville.

When Sonja Larson was murdered by a serial killer known as the Gainesville Ripper in 1990 her mother Ada Larson fought hard to seal her autopsy and crime scene photos from the media and the public eye.
Between August 23 and August 26 of 1990, panic, anger, and
disbelief struck the town of Gainesville, Florida. Rolling killed a combination
of five UF and Sante Fe students, four females and one male. Danny Rolling was a
“clean killer.” After stabbing all of his victims through the back and into
their hearts, he would clean up after himself. Two of the females were raped and
all were mutilated. When the bodies were found they were set up in sexual
positions for whoever would find them. Two of the girls were also slashed from
the breastbone to the pubic bone, and also had their chests mutilated. The most
disturbing of the murders was Christa Hoyt’s, because she had been decapitated
and her head been put on display. As for Manuel Toboada, his death had not been
planned by Rolling initially as he did not know that Tracy had a male roommate.
Danny Rolling’s motivation for his murders was mainly revenge. Built up anger
and abuse had set him off on his killing spree, and in his mind he thought that
others should pay for what he had gone through. The week of the murders Rolling
had gone to see “The Exorcist III”, which shows strong similarities to the ways
in which he tortured and murdered his victims.

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Tsunami Earthquake shake Indonesia again

Aceh, Indonesia shaking by an earthquake today with 7,2 Richter scale.

So far no damage or casualties have been reported and the situation is under control. It may be recalled that in 2004 earthquake triggered a tsunami in the same region and killed thousands of people not only in Indonesia but many countries around Indian Ocean.

The Sumatra Indonesia earthquake today likely brought painful memories for many residents in Sumatra. Back in 2004, Indonesia saw the most historically devestating underwater earthquake of a 9.1 magnitude hit off the coast of Sumatra. It triggered a deadly tsunami which killed over 200,000 people from 14 different countries and caused over $10 billion in damage.

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Duke vs Butler Update Score

Duke is the CHAMPIONS! They win the NCAA Champhionship 2010 by defeating Butler,

Duke win 71-69 over Butler.

The match was televised by CBS Network

Duke has win NCAA Championship 2010!

Congratulations and NICE WORK :)

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Monday, April 5, 2010

NCAA 2010 Champs Day : Duke vs Butler TODAY!

The 2010 NCAA Women’s Championship Game time today April 5, 2010 is at 9:21 PM at EST in Indianapolis. The game will see, Duke battle it out with Butler.

The NCAA Championship Game 2010 be broad casted live by CBS.

Reports say that the NCAA Championship Game 2010 will take place at Oil Lucas Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

NCAA 2010 Championship Reviews

You just can’t say enough about the job Brad Stevens has done with Butler this year.

And I am not just talking bringing his team the brink of a national championship – I am talking about demonstrating leadership by example, and showing a group of young men what you can achieve when you truly believe in yourselves.

Here’s the line up of both teams :

Duke 2010 Rosters:
2 Nolan Smith
3 Seth Curry
5 Mason Plumlee
12 Kyle Singler
20 Andre Dawkins
21 Miles Plumlee
30 Jon Scheyer
34 Ryan Kelly
41 Jordan Davidson
42 Lance Thomas
51 Steve Johnson
52 Todd Zafirovski
53 Casey Peters
55 Brian Zoubek

Butler 2010 Rosters:
1 Shelvin Mack
2 Shawn Vanzant
3 Zach Hahn
5 Ronald Nored
11 Alex Anglin
14 Nick Rodgers
20 Gordon Hayward
21 Willie Veasley
22 Grant Leiendecker
24 Avery Jukes
30 Emerson Kampen
32 Garrett Butcher
33 Chase Stigall
44 Andrew Smith
54 Matt Howard
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Masters Golf Tournament 2010 : Tiger Woods Press Conference

Masters Golf Tournament 2010 : The Tiger Woods press conference today will give the Masters golf tournament 2010 some early attention, starting what will no doubt be a week-long media circus following the controversial Woods and his return to the golf course.

Woods will speak at 2 p.m. from Augusta National.
The 2010 Masters Tournament is the 74th Masters Tournament held at Augusta National Golf Club and will be played from April 8-11. This will be the first major golf championship of the 2010 season. The 2010 Masters Tournament sees the return of golf champ, Tiger Woods.

World number Golfer Woods was the highest-paid professional athlete in 2008, having earned an estimated $110 million from winnings and endorsements. Woods has won 14 professional major golf championships, the second highest of any male player, and 71 PGA Tour events, third all time. He has major career wins than any golfer till date.
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Reviews and News for Apple Ipad 3G

The iPad tablet is all set to start sales Today for Apple Computers.

What all can do with an iPad Tablet?
You can read e-books, Play games, surf the Internet, watch movies, etc with an iPad Tablet.

Apple stores all around the US, specially the New York stores had long lines of people outside them. Its almost the feeling when the iPhone was launched way back in the year 2007. Its too early to say if the iPad will be more popular then the iPhone. Nevertheless the iPad is grabbing everyones notice.

The iPad has great features like the Wi-Fi. iPad 3G option.

The price of the iPad is ranging from US$499 to $699 which show storage capacity of 16GB to 64GB.

You can click HERE for IPAD 3G complete Reviews

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Republic Dominican Earthquake

Dominican Republic Earthquake Today News Update – There has been a new report that an earthquake took place in the Dominican Republic, lets get it on there head on and find out what facts are in this issue, You can check out below the details on the Dominican Republic Earthquake Today News Update. The news is spreading, but there arent actual facts if these are true events, but USGC did indeed had a preliminary report saying that an 8.0 Quake centered 130 miles northeast of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic took place today.

Earthquake Details as Reported by USGS/EHP:

* Magnitude: 3.2
* Date-Time:
o Friday, April 02, 2010 at 05:38:53 UTC
o Friday, April 02, 2010 at 01:38:53 AM at epicenter
* Location: 19.226°N, 67.986°W
* Depth: 89.8 km (55.8 miles)
* Distances:
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Google participate April Fools : TOPEKA

Google participate April Fools by changing its name with TOPEKA

Topeka, which refers to Topeka in kansas, is the luckiest city that was chosen as Google’s experimental on its ultra-fast broadband network. At the bidding of its mayor, Kansas city temporarily renamed itself as Google. That’s why it’s to give the honor for that movement.

Topeka is a valid word and it literally means “to dig good potatoes” among Americans. It also refers to the capital city of Kansas which is quite famous for changing its city’s name every now and then. In 1998, the Mayor of Topeka announced that the city will be renamed “Topikachu” in honor of cute electric pokemon Pikachu.
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