Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dixie Carter Death : How can it be?

How did Dixie Carter die and what was the cause of death? As written earler today, Dixie Carter died Saturday at the Age of 70 in Los Angeles. Known for her Southern Charm, she could be seen in the last few years of the hit 80’s sitcom.
Everyone of her fans, are quite grieved at this very moment and are asking up the question from others as to how did Dixie Carter die? As far as the answer to the query of how did Dixie Carter die is concerned, well, we do not have any reports on that so far nor does anyone else because according to her husband it’s strictly a private affair and people should respect their privacy. Not even the Doctors have released any of the word on how did Dixie Carter die.
And can we reveal this? Some of fans stating that she was die because of cancer, or maybe an accident, or natural cause?

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